Breed Group by WKU / PKU

GROUP Five – Companion Dogs

Companion dog usually describes a dog that does not work, providing only companionship as a pet .

GROUP 1 -Shepherds

The Shepherd Dog Group include dogs that are one of the oldest groups that were first used when ancient people began keeping livestock. 

GROUP 5 -Companion Dogs

Companion dog usually describes a dog that does not work, providing only companionship as a pet .

5.01 English Toy Terrier

5.02 English bulldog

5.04 Affenpinscher

5.06 Basenjis

5.07 Bichon Frise

5.08 Bolognese

5.09.1 Wolfspitz

5.09.2 Grosspitz

5.09.3 Mittelspitz

5.09.4 Miniature shpits

5.10 Volpino Italiano

5.11 Havanese

5.12.1 Griffon Belge

5.12.2 Griffon Bruxellois

5.12.3 Griffon Petit Brabanson

5.13 Dalmatian

5.14.1 Yorkshire terrier

5.14.2 Biwer yorkshire

5.15.1 Chinese crested dog

5.15.2 Chinese crested dog (Puff)

5.16 Coton de tulear

5.17 Kromfohrlander

5.18 King Charles spaniel

5.19.1 Continental Toy Spaniel (Papillon)

5.19.2 Continental Toy Spaniel (Phalene)

5.20.1 Xoloitzcuintli (Miniature)

5.20.2 Xoloitzcuintli (Middle)

5.20.3 Xoloitzcuintli (Standard)

5.21 Levrette

5.22 Lhasa Apso

5.23 Little Lion Dog

5.24 Maltese

5.25 Pug

5.26 Pekingese

5.27.1 Standard Poodles

5.27.2 Medium Poodles

5.27.3 Miniature Poodles

5.27.4 Toy Poodles

5.28.1 Perro sin Pelo del Peru standard

5.28.2 Perro sin Pelo del Peru medium

5.28.3 Perro sin Pelo del Peru miniature

5.29.1 Russian toy dog

5.29.2 Russian toy dog (Long haired)

5.30 French bulldog

5.31 Zverpincher

5.32 Chow chow

5.33.1 Chihuahue

5.33.2 Chihuahua d w

5.34 Shar pei

5.35 Shih-tzy

5.36 Pomeranian

5.37 Japanese Chin

5.38 Ukrainian Color Toy

5.39 Prazsky Krysarik

Group Five –

Companion Dogs

Companion dogs will love keeping you company, no matter the activity. Whether you’re working around the house, watching TV or going for a walk, these breeds will stay by your side. 

What companion dogs adore a lot is accompanying humans. The size of the dogs found in this group is usually small about 4 to 40 pounders. Some of them are good as lap dogs and some are very tiny, but in any case, they are not aware of their size. Thus, the second category often gets in trouble or injured by interactions with other bigger dogs as well as with pushy people.

Dogs of this group love to stay indoors and to interact with people – they have an aversion from being alone for a long time and this is what makes them so lovable to people.