Comparative Competitions

by WKU / PKU


4.1 According to the results of the comparative competitions following categories are determined:

  • Best in Show.
  • Best in group.
  • Best of Breed.
  • Class winner
  • Best Male of Breed
  • Best Female of Breed
  • Best Junior in Show
  • Best junior in Group.
  • Best Junior of Breed
  • Best Puppy in Show
  • Best Puppy in Group.
  • Best puppy of breed.
  • Best veteran in show

4.2. Best puppy. Males and females can be examined in the same ring. If the ring is divided by gender male and female should be compared, winner earns the title of “Best Puppy”. Similarly, for the baby class.

4.3. Best Puppy in Show. All puppies of all breeds, who have been awarded with title “Best Puppy” compete with each other

4.4. Best Junior of Breed. Compete male and female who won first place in the junior class.

4.5. Best junior in group. Compete Best Junior of all Breeds.

4.6. Best Junior in Show. Compete best juniors of groups.

4.7. The winner of the class. Compete dogs in the young, open, winners, working and champions class.

4.8. Best Male and Best Female. Males and females, who received the title of winner in the young dog, winners, open, working and champions class compete separately.

4.9. Best of Breed. Compete Best Male and Best female.

4.10. Best in group. Compete best of breed within the group.

4.11. Best in Show (Best in show). Compete best representatives of all groups.

4.12. Best Veteran in show. Compete veterans of all breeds in the same ring.

4.13. In the competition for the title of Best Junior in Group, Best in Group determined three places. The competition for the title of Best in Show is determined by five places.