by WKU / PKU

5.1 There are competitions for stud pairs, kennel competition, progeny competition, including handling championships on the dog show.
5.2 Participation in the competitions of stud pairs, kennels and progeny competition are permissible if it is registered in the catalogue. Judging in these rings is carried out by the expert. Participants receive a diploma indicating the placement.
5.3. Stud Pairs: participating dogs of the same breed (male and female), any age belonging to the same owner.
5.4. Kennel competition: Represented dogs of the same breed, any age, bred by the same breeder (kennel) registered in the national organization- member of the WKU. To participate in the competition the owner of a kennel should register for the contest listing all dogs participating in the competition and provide a photocopies of certificates of origin (WKU). The number of dogs must be at least three.

5.5. Progeny competition: Can participate Sir or Dam with their progenies.

  1. Sire should have at least two progenies from each represented litters. Total offspring at least four.
  2. Dam must be minimum of at least two progenies.