by WKU / PKU

6.1judging should be carried out by qualified experts of WKU.
6.2. Evaluation of a dog is awarded by expert will be final and not appealable.
6.3. The expert has the right to refuse to evaluate a dog and send it out from the ring, if the owner or handler behaves unethically, as well as in cases of dog cowardice or aggression towards expert or anyone else.
6.4. The expert has the right to consult with colleagues in dealing with controversial issues, but the final decision is taken by the expert in question.
6.5. The expert will not examine the dogs belonging to him or his family members.
6.6. Secretaries, assistants, interns do not have the right to exhibit of identify their dogs in the ring, where they are working.
6.7. Dogs in the ring for the examination are shown on a soft collar, or ring leash. Judging is not permitted if dogs are on a strict collar or muzzled or with medals or an electric collar.
6.8. When evaluating an animal expert should use antiseptic provided by the organizers.
6.9. Double handling is strictly forbidden while dogs are being exhibited in the show ring.